Central to our strategy is working with Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families. By gaining an understanding of their short and long term investment plans, we are able to help them to achieve these through direct Private Equity investments.

our office space from below the stairs

We consider access to deals is crucial therefore we work proactively to develop and grow this area. Our extensive and trusted network provides us with a proprietary deal flow, allowing us to pick from a constant flow of high quality select deals.

We support high quality and entrepreneurial management teams looking to create long term value.

As an office, we have a multi-disciplinary background. With a wealth of hands on international experience, our team comes from a range of roles including finance, product management, sales and engineering. We cover a variety of market sectors from agriculture and commodities to global digital companies.

Our main areas of focus are:

We support experienced and entrepreneurial management teams looking to create long term value, for a variety of investment needs including growth, acquisition, MBO, recapitalisation and specific project financing.

We are hands on with our approach, supporting our portfolio companies, not only with capital but with our networks, contacts, experience and on-going commitment to the management team.