Innovate Finance flies fintech delegation to Davos

Innovate Finance, the independent membership organisation representing UK’s global FinTech sector, is returning to Davos this week with a delegation of members to discuss this year’s theme of Responsive Leadership

NatWest strikes deals to pass on unwanted business

The state-backed lender, which is part of Royal Bank of Scotland, is joining forces with Iwoca, which offers working capital to small businesses, and Together, a property-secured lender, as a way to refer business and commercial customers that do not meet NatWest’s appetite for risk.

The Selfie as Mobile Banking's Fraud Fighter

The Selfie as Mobile Banking's Fraud Fighter

"Financial institutions have reported to have taken weeks to onboard new clients and expect it go up in the future," Celent analysts Arin Ray and Neil Katkov wrote in a recent report. "Some are concerned that a prolonged and cumbersome onboarding process could become a competitive disadvantage."

The hottest machine learning startups in the UK

The hottest machine learning startups in the UK

Four of the biggest AI startup acquisitions of the last five years have come from the UK, starting with Google's purchase of Deep Mind in 2014 for a reported £400 million.

Insurance Tech

Last month Bloomberg London HQ, with the help of Chris Lowe, very kindly hosted the second of Talis Capital's 2016 event series, focusing on "Insurance Tech"

UK cyber security company Darktrace embarks on funding round to secure $400m valuation

UK cyber security company Darktrace has turned to Silicon Valley in a bid to secure funding which would see the company valued at $400m (£283.2m)

The company, which is headquartered in both Cambridge, UK, and San Francisco, USA, was founded in 2013 by mathematics and computer specialists from the University of Cambridge and intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ.

A Sentinel That Cuts Through Clutter

It could have taken months for the systems administrators at a large bank in Rome to figure out that one of their servers was talking to Facebook, a red flag given that networks in banks don't need to know how many "likes" they've received. And they might not have noticed the streams of data the server then sent to an array of unknown computers. This kind of threat—coming from inside the network, not from outside its firewall—is difficult to detect.

Darktrace Cyber 'Immune System' Fights Back

At the dawn of a new era where machines fight machines and sophisticated attackers are mobilized, Darktrace is the first company in the world to arm the defenders with proven machine learning and mathematics that work without any prior knowledge of attacks, rules or signatures. With Antigena, Darktrace now spots and inoculates against unknown threats, as they germinate within organizations in real time.

Talis Capital's 16 B2B tech companies to watch in 2016

In 2015, we continued mainly with our established B2B themes: business intelligence SAAS, cyber security and fintech. From 2016, we are adding B2B insurance tech and health tech focuses. Here are the ones we are excited about for 2016.

Cyber Security and Insurance

Cyber Security and Insurance

Talis Capital had it's first Cyber Security and Insurance Event hosted last month at Bloomberg and we wanted to share a few key take away from the speakers we had.

Talis Capital Leads $18m Darktrace Series A

Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, has raised an $18m funding round led by Talis Capital, with participation from Invoke Capital and Hoxton Ventures.

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