Talis Capital's 16 B2B tech companies to watch in 2016

In 2015, we continued mainly with our established B2B themes: business intelligence SAAS, cyber security and fintech. From 2016, we are adding B2B insurance tech and health tech focuses. Here are the ones we are excited about for 2016.


(1) Darktrace

With cyber security being hotter than the sun right now, the most explosive growth company in our portfolio must be Darktrace - the pioneers of Enterprise Immune System. Armed with over $40m in 2015 from Mike Lynch's Invoke Capital, Talis Capital and Summit Partners, Darktrace is the world's leading enterprise cyber security company.


(2) iwoca

We backed Europe's fastest growing small business finance provider in 2012 - iwoca is coming to 2016 with a hell of a 2015 war chest: $20m from Acton and CommerzVentures, €60m from EIF and a list of awards too long to crack even for their super smart algorithms.


(3) Censornet

Our second major cyber security portfolio company focuses on SMEs and all their Cloud Security needs. Led by serial cyber security entrepreneur Ed Macnair, Censornet has some transformational deals in their pipeline - and might just make it the fastest growing company of ours in 2016.


(4) When You Move

After selling his previous business to Buddy Media (sold to Salesforce for $700m), in 2016 Peter Goodman is set to disrupt the ancient conveyancing industry through his technology led B2B2C company. About time!


(5) Verto Analytics

Smartest piece of analytics tech we have seen since we did Clicktale (always one to watch and now with KKR power behind it) in 2013. Verto is a super fast growing digital media/audience measurement SAAS company - led by Hannu Verkasalo whose previous mobile measurement business Zokem was bought by Nielsen. Comscore and Nielsen be afraid, be very afraid! 


(6) Sophia Genetics

With opportunities arising from ageing populations globally, B2B Healthcare tech has become one of our latest focuses. Sophia Genetics is the world's largest clinical genomics community helping doctors improve the predictions and care paths of genetic diseases. $30m in funding will help Sophia become the genetics data driven medicine category winner. 


(7) Rinicare

Continuing the healthcare tech theme - this ultra secretive predictive algorithms tech will change patient outcomes around the world. And save healthcare systems ton of money too. Predicting heart or kidney failure hours before they happen or before any symptoms are visible? Sure!


(8) SmartUp

After Slack proved the immense value (and monetisation) in streamlining inter-company communications, SmartUP is here to lead inter-company education and allow employers track their communities' progress. For founders by founders - Frank Meehan (ex-Spotify board) and Brent Hobermann (lastminute.com co-founder) charge onwards and upwards with this fantastic app.


(9) Panaseer

Security Intelligence for the Enterprise - answering the most important question for the enterprise: How secure are we? Putting all those cyber security companies through their paces!


(10) Status Today

Artificial intelligence powered cyber security solution that seeks to understand Human Behaviour.


(11) utelly

Live TV, on-demand, catch up, online, paid or free, sky or tivo - all video content and platforms come into one in utelly's consumer app with smart search, recommendations, remote and universal login to all your services. Oh and they collect and own all the data - first people ever across all platforms and channels = very useful.


(12) ParcelBright

Simple, scalable parcel processing - so you can spend more time running your business. This is the best business parcel software out there.


(13) Loyalty Bay

The new conversion metrics kings. Uses data to intelligently incentivise actions and understand users better. 


(14) bd4travel

Travel-tech expert Andy Owen Jones leads this intelligent personalisation software for travel industry. Powered by $4.2m Series A from Hoxton & Talis and a new chairman Simon Breakwell - the Expedia founder. This one will fly in 2016!


(15) Reevoo

Reevoo provides true Ratings & Reviews services for multichannel brands and retailers - the main driver of modern online sales. With fresh £6.5m funding in 2015 Reevoo is aiming for blockbuster sales growth in 2016 - we give them 5 out of 5 stars!


(16) Navmii

Navmii's main business is supplying other companies with smart driving data - key sectors are insurance, telematics & auto. Navmii owns the data as it comes from the 25m users of their free consumer navigation app - owning data is king and navmii's got plenty of it!