Is this the future of rehearsal studios?

Too many of us have grown accustomed to cramped little studios that offer little respite from rising temperatures, save the drips of our own sweat falling from the ceiling. As we stand there cursing the temperamental equipment cutting out - which only serves to increase the volume of the shabby covers coming from the band next door - we ask ourselves, what alternatives do we have?

Well it turns out there is an answer. Pirate Studios have reinvented rehearsal rooms from the ground up. 

Built on a basis of trust with the artists who use them, their 24/7 self-service studios have been painstakingly designed to achieve unrivaled sound quality in every room. Each studio comes with a free and fully stocked backline courtesy of Vox, Mapex, Laney and Hartke, to name but a few. To put it simply, their rooms should make musicians everywhere sit up and take note.

But those aren’t the only benefits. Individual air-con and heating make damp-walled rehearsals a thing of the past, and affordable on-site lockers mean the journey to rehearsal is no longer a back-breaking haul twice a week. But the biggest benefit to musicians at Pirate Studios is the price; by making the studios self-service, savings can be passed back to the bands for a much cheaper rehearsal.

If you’re interested in seeing what the future of rehearsal studios looks like, get yourself booked in with Pirate Studios today. All of their rooms can be seen at