Talis is a unique venture capital investment firm, investing on behalf of a group of ultra successful and strategic high net worth entrepreneurs. Focused on backing emerging technologies their stellar portfolio includes Darktrace, iwoca, Onfido, Luminance, Second Home, Oh My Green amongst others.




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A unique venture capital investment firm

Investing on behalf of a group of ultra successful and strategic high net worth entrepreneurs, Talis Capital is focused on backing emerging technologies across a number of industry verticals.

We leverage our exclusive LP network to help our companies and to create opportunities. We are flexible in our approach to deals and concentrate on building long term partnerships.

Since 2009, we have completed over $500m worth of transactions and our stellar portfolio includes Darktrace, Onfido, iwoca, Ynsect, Pirate Studios, Oh My Green, Luminance, Clausematch & others.

Our purpose is clear. We look for innovative companies with sustainable business models, working with them, and our extensive networks, to unlock their future growth.

  • Typical investment size - $1m - $10m

  • Key locations of interest - UK, Europe, US

  • Identify with; strong management teams, ability to significantly disrupt traditional industries, proven market opportunity & the potential for real long-term scalability.



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