PropTech Conference 2018

Thank you to all our speakers & guests for making the conference a real success! Please find the follow up materials, photos and our views below.

Global research shows both innovation and fundraising dedicated to innovation in Real Estate is in significant growth.[1] PropTech is entering into a new wave, becoming more mainstream, better understood and therefore easier to attribute real value. Talis Capital has made a number of investments in both PropTech as well as other software solutions with property market applications. On 16 Nov 2018 Talis Capital hosted their conference as a platform to discuss how technology, innovation and digitalisation are transforming Real Estate and the world we live in.

Real Estate is valued globally at around $229 trillion a figure which exceeds the global value of equities and securitized debt by $79 trillion. We are seeing explosive investment growth as Global Investment in PropTech start ups tripled from 2016 to 2017, rising to $12.6 billion from $4.2 billion1.

Across the world in 2017 we saw the rise of Megadeals in real estate technology from the likes of WeWork, Compass and Offerpad in the US to China with Xiaozhu and the UK with LendInvest & Nested[2]. Who have mostly gone on to raise significant rounds this year e.g SoftBank’s $3bn investment into WeWork, Lendinvest’s $40m pre IPO round and $120m for Nested from debt finance as well as equity cheques from Balderton & Northzone[3].

Property is one of the largest asset classes in the world and covers a broad range of subsectors. New entrants into the market are taking advantage of revolutionising how players interact along the real estate chain - focusing on curation, financing, ownership, autonomy, AI and big data to maximise yields, capitalise on efficiencies and create new products and services.

We see real opportunity in the sector and look forward to continuing to invest in exciting technologies in this space as well as helping our current PropTech companies to scale.


[1] Source: MetaPropGlobal proptech confidence index
[2] Source: Real Estate Tech Annual Report 2017
[3] Source: Pitchbook 2018