At Talis Capital we hold a collective commitment to foster an environment where all differences between individuals are valued; practices are equitable, and everyone experiences a sense of belonging.

At Talis, we believe in maximising the power of different perspectives and backgrounds in our team. Including varying points of view in our decision-making, operations and actions is fundamental to establishing long-term value for Talis Capital, as well as long-term client, social and financial value. Through this, we demonstrate our organisation’s distinctiveness, drive innovation, build trusted relationships and enable exceptional experiences for the Talis team. Diversity and inclusiveness are core to how we live our values.

Diversity is about differences. At Talis, differences include nationality, cultural background, language, education, gender, ethnicity, generation, age, working and thinking styles, religious background, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, experiences, career paths and technical skills.

Inclusiveness is about leveraging these differences to create an environment where all people at Talis feel and are valued for who they are, have a sense of belonging, and are inspired to contribute their personal best in every encounter.

Talis Capital is committed to holding strategy, policies and accountability in place to build and sustain a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment.