We’ve heard it all before: “as a startup founder, you’ll be required to wear many hats.” For many, the idea of being responsible for many different tasks and business functions is exciting: it is empowering to have the reigns and be able to make quick decisions. Nonetheless, this excitement can quickly become daunting as the work piles up and you need to be able to work out how to learn new things – and quickly.

Over the years, Talis has spent a huge amount of time sharing our favourite resources with our founders in situations just like this. There’s been countless internal email threads, WhatsApp conversations and dedicated discussions about the online resources that we’ve found the most helpful to share with our founders when they’re looking to develop a particular function of their business. To date, these resources have been hidden away in private threads and conversations, when in reality, they would be much better utilised if they were accessible in a central location.

Enter the Talis Knowledge Hub.

The Talis Knowledge Hub is a one-stop shop for founders from pre-seed to Series B, providing a library of high-quality, curated resources, gathered from experts across the VC and tech sectors. The content on the Talis Knowledge Hub encompasses all aspects of building a young business: from hiring, to navigating board meetings, productivity and founder self-care. The articles provide granular detail on specific processes: it could be that you’re looking to quickly develop a better understanding of how to develop pricing for your product; it could be that you want to create a robust diversity and inclusion strategy for your business. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, there’s likely a guide on how to navigate the process from start to finish in the Hub.

Many of the articles you’ll see are some of our most-thumbed pieces of content that we’ve shared countless times with our founders over the years; the Talis team has also spent a lot of time scouring the internet to find additional resources of the highest quality. We’ve also added some of our own content to help founders on their way.

We hope this platform is helpful not just for founders in our portfolio, but for every founder – whether than be through our Office Hours initiative, social channels or one who simply stumbles across our page.

We’re excited to bring the Knowledge Hub to life. It’s an ongoing project that will be continuously updated, and we’re open to all feedback on what we should include next (if you have an idea, please drop our Chief of Staff Emily Wood a line at emily@taliscapital.com).