January 1 2020 • 5min read

What are we passionate about?

Talis invests in all tech and tech-enabled businesses but we deep dive into specific sectors when we believe the timing is right.

At Talis we seek to find, fund and support the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. Venture investing is more of an art than a science, it needs a dedicated team to succeed and one that always positions itself at the forefront of new trends and changes in the market. Talis invests in all tech and tech-enabled businesses but we deep dive into specific sectors when we believe the timing is right. So, as 2020 begins, it’s time to publish what we are passionate about, and the topics of interest for this year.


Technology powers the world, and we believe the best opportunities can be found in the ‘picks and shovels’ of the software landscape. It’s great to witness the proliferation of the sharing economy, but we like to invest in the backend infrastructure that contributes to make this possible and that enables the digitalisation of all industries.

Sectors we are excited about include fintech, data analytics, regtech, cyber security, robotics software and insurtech.

Some of our portfolio companies:


Despite the average life expectancy increasing to 110+ in the near future, the world has mostly focused on the first half of someone’s life, with the 60+ year old segment’s needs fairly unaddressed. We are looking into advances in technology that are not only enabling a longer life but a healthier, more fulfilled existence bringing value to one’s health & wellness, financial management, work, living, leisure time, education (and re-education) and travel.

Within that, we particularly see opportunities in how interactions with property has changed; either through changes in working habits or how consumers expect to live. We also see a major shift in career pathways causing many more opportunities for education throughout career lifecycles. Finally, the health and wellness industry cannot sustain volumes with current projections on ageing population and fundamentally needs technology to add efficiency.

Some of our portfolio companies:


True digital natives born in a high-tech world have created a massive socioeconomic and cultural shift – creating a new wave of expectations, shaping consumption of all goods, services and media. For example, Gen Zers believe in the responsibility to address social and environmental issues, and they only care about genuine content that feels real and authentic which influences how goods and services are purchased and consumed.

Successful engagement with the new generation is driven by a focus on content-to-commerce, sustainability, data trust & transparency and personalisation at scale to name a few.

Some of our portfolio companies:

If you think your company aligns with any of our investment thesis, please reach out to us via the Typeform on our contact page.


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